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Why Cancel Setup (2 Shops / Branding)

  • 450 EURO
  • + 195 per month / 1950 per year

Why Cancel is a brand new solution for automatic tracking of service cancellations and newsletter unsubscriptions.
Now with Why Cancel you can get the real facts and reasons of losing your clients and subscribers. Connect your website in few simple steps and enjoy the benefits of keeping your customers happy.


Included in the service:
- A phone interview about your company with a survey professional (In English up to 60 minutes long)
- The finished Questionnaire for the service.
- Finished setup.
- Tailored CSI.
When the setup is complete a contract with the monthly or yearly fee will be set up on your billing profile.

If you need translation of the survey questions then please order it with your survey professional during your interview or add it later during the contract period at any time.

If you have a subscription service, then Why Cancel is the best tool you can have for tracking when the customer cancellations occur and why. Every organization has cancellations, but not knowing why most of your customers cancel is not good from a business perspective.

Also Why Cancel lets to track the unsubscriptions from your newsletter. When readers unsubscribe, there is always more than 1 reason. Including Why Cancel to your cancelling flow, you can include a survey with the questions you need to know, not the questions your newsletter provider thinks are good to know.