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Stay Evaluator Setup (2 Hotels)

  • 550 EURO
  • + 225 per month / 2250 per year

Stay Evaluator is the customer satisfaction tool for Hotel establishments. It is included as a back-office reception form, where all entries can be registered. After that Stay Evaluator sends out all feedback invites according to the provided settings.


Included in the service:
- A phone interview about your hotel with a survey professional (In English up to 60 minutes long)
- The finished Questionnaire for the service.
- Finished setup.
- Tailored CSI.
When the setup is complete a contract with the monthly or yearly fee will be setup on your billing profile.

If you need translation of the survey questions then please order it with your survey professional during your interview or add it later during the contract period at any time.

Stay Evaluator is an automatic online tool for gathering guest feedback. Find out how you can improve your guests stays with help of easy to read results and included CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).

Stay Evaluator has the ability to send Guest follow-up surveys in over 25 languages. It relies on the principle “Set-and-Forget”. The checkout form for the reception will take less than 20 seconds to fill out. This makes it a really easy part of the checkout process.