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Food Evaluator Setup

  • 350 EURO
  • + 100 per month / 1000 per year

With Food Evaluator you can easily set up a Customer Satisfaction Survey for your Restaurant or Coffee Shop. All you need is to create a survey and load Food Evaluator on your tablet or smartphone.

Follow the results in real-time. See your new menus performance, staff service level and make appropriate adjustments to your business according to your customer needs and wishes.


Included in the service:
- A phone interview about your company with a survey professional (In English up to 60 minutes long)
- The finished Questionnaire for the service.
- Finished setup.
- Tailored CSI.
When the setup is complete a contract with the monthly or yearly fee will be setup on your billing profile.

If you need translation of the survey questions then please order it with your survey professional during your interview or add it later during the contract period at any time.

Food Evaluator is an automatic system for organizing Customer Satisfaction Surveys in Restaurants and Coffee Shops.

After your guests have enjoyed the meal in your restaurant or have just bought a coffee in your shop, you hand over a tablet or smartphone with Food Evaluator loaded on to your customer to answer the survey. Of course, you can send out the survey to their email too.

Your customer answers the survey. After it he can be rewarded for the participation by you. All responses are marked with time and day so that you can track food quality, service etc.

After receiving feedback you can follow the results in real-time. See your new menus performance in comparison with the older menu. See how your customers grade your staff service. Make adjustments to your business according to your customer feedback.